Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sights To See

The more events that I go to the more amazing things that I see that I feel need to be displayed for all... I am a notorious mullet watcher, some people enjoy watching birds, or collecting stamps, I like to simply watch mullets, and luckily some of the events that I go to allow me to see wonderful mullets, and other funny things to see... so that is what this blog will be all about.
This was at Subway and it was a truly glorious mullet... with the wifebeater combination!

A mullet and a nascar shirt... amazing!

I think this should be issued when a baby is born... the child leash!

Has 150 GRAND for a monster truck so no money left over for Shout to clean his shirt... so sad...

Central Texas Has Talent

Well... I finally got to handle an event all on my own for the first time since I became Promotions Coordinator. Central Texas Has Talent is a Talent Show that we had at a local festival. It went off pretty well... No one got hurt, some really cool people participated and it didn't rain through our event.

Here is a picture of me being in charge...

This is all the Finalists. We had 25 register, and 12 made it to day 2.

This was a Christian Rapper called God-In-Todd... He was really good. 3rd Place

Cody Culp got 2nd place

Eric Landeros got 1st and was amazing. Great voice

However this was where it got interesting. I had a guy call me and tell me that he and his wife practice MARSHALL arts in their back yard and the would like to put on a demonstration for us as their talent. At that point I only had 3 entries, so I quickly agreed thinking that ANYONE on stage is better than no one... Boy... Sometimes decisions like that pay off in a BIG WAY and boy howdy... This talent of theirs was TRAGICALLY AWESOME!

Face paint, missing teeth, mohawks and swords... What more can a red-blooded Texan ask for!!!

FlyLeaf Meet and Greet

We had a concert that was at an event that I had the 'pleasure' of being on the planning committee for, so I lined up a meet and greet with the headlining band at our station.

This is the PD for the Eagle and me with the band Flyleaf.... The sign isn't crooked, I think the lady taking the picture had one leg shorter than the other...

Kinda cool... this is the actual van that the band Flyleaf toured in until they signed a MAJOR record contract. They drove to New York and slept in the van for three days while they waited for a chance to play for the President of Octone Records, once he heard them he signed them to a contract and their next CD went PLATINUM!

Flyleaf in front of the Limo that we picked them up in...

14 passenger Cadillac Escalade Limo... First class all the way...
Overall it was a pretty good experience for the FIRST EVER meet and greet that we had at the station.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ANOTHER Monster Truck Show

Last Saturday I was asked to go and take some pictures at the Monster Truck show in Killeen so I decided to make the best of it. Let me tell you something, I really enjoy going to these events because as I get older I have TOTALLY become a people watcher! I like to look at all different types of people, but my FAVORITES have got to be the less refined people in my area.

I saw this girl dangling as her mother stretched to reach over a fence to take a picture of a non-moving Monster Truck.

This is a picture of Durty Dingus McGee putting Rod Stewart (the chicken) on Evan's head. Great picture!

Evan found two pieces of strawberry candy on the ground and was REALLY excited about it.

There are no words to describe the noises and faces that were made when Rod Stewart got to sit on Julia's head. I just hope at some point her nightmares go away.

After some getting used to it we got a picture of her and Durty smiling...

The GREATEST SIGHT OF THE DAY... Its not often you get to see the mullet twins... It was amazing.


Mini-Mullet, with a striking resembelance of my brother in his younger days!

Now even though I work for a radio station there are times that it all pays off... Truly a fun day...